Monday, April 30, 2007

Taking clear close-up pictures on my camera involves busting out the tripod to hold the camera still long enough for the longer exposure time. Since that is an extra step, I no more FO pics fo' you. However, we did go camping recently and here are some pics from this past weekend and when we went right before Christmas.

It is very beautiful and we are very lucky and I can't thank my friend Jessica enough for all the times she has arranged, encouraged, organized, and cheerled us on to...sleep outside!

Plus a silly pic of me. Wow, that's enough of a puzzle piece to recognize me on the street even!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The weather pixie shows sunny skies but it's been raining off and on all day. Got wet walking into that open all the time exercise place, dropping my kid off at school, picking my kid up from school, getting the mail, moving the car. No laundry hanging today.

Latest, coolest projects: TRIVETS. All-cotton, multi-stranded, ocean themed trivets.
Crab pattern from crochetroo on etsy
with 5 strands and a P hook.
Sand dollar used 3 strands. Free pattern online.
Fish used size 17 needles and 6 strands. Made two and slip stitched them together. Free pattern online.

I gotta tell you, these were FUN! My smart friend K tasked me with making here three trivets of varying sizes, with specific dimensions to fit her pans, and gave me free reign from there. At fist I was going to make the Hot Out of the Oven potholders using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky Hand Dye. I've been dying to get that yarn! But then I thought about washability as well as thickness, and I came up with using lots of strands of dish cloth type cotton yarn. Using 6 strands for the knit fish was quite a tangly challenge! But the results were better than expected. I worked from fresh balls each time, so as to avoid running out of yarn mid-way and having extra ends to weave in. If you don't use beads, these trivets are squishy soft, thick, and machine washable and dryable - definitely a bonus.

I realize I'm only posting weekly now. Found that in posting more often, I was spending too much time surfing the net instead of doing whatever task I had turned the computer on for in the first place. This way, at least I have planny pitchas to share.

Have also learned that if I'm lazy and don't take the pics using hubby's tripod, the image is not as clear. Just can't get around that in micro mode with the slower shutter speed.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Feverishly trying to finish up lesson 2 of 3 of my TKGA Basics correspondence course begun last May. Got sidetracked by all other knitting and crocheting goodnesss. That and the lack of readily available light colored wool in Hawaii to work the swatches in.

Anyhoo, biggest pair of Big Black Socks, sized 14 after wash & dry are done and shipped off to some lucky big guy.

Bookmarck exchange recipient's package also sent out. Forgot to tack picha.

Hubby ordered bookmarks to send to clients. I chose a freebie octo pattern found online and crochetroo gecko.

The wings are off etsy. Very fun to maker, harder to rig up. I removed middle section and extra cast on stitches after lace pattern pau so would fit my child. That and removed one pattern repeat. This pattern is so beautiful i think i'll make a sweater thing out of it at some point.