Tuesday, April 08, 2008

We have decided that it was not a Hawaii Creeper as originally thought but a Mejiro, or Japanese White-Eye. The main differences being the Mejiro is the most common bird in Hawaii(!!!) and has white around its eyes, whereas the Hawaii Creeper is endangered and has black around its eyes. The Mejiro turns out to be a good bird to tame, very friendly and adaptable.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Want a fun game with real Local flavor? Try my new game "No Say Dat!" Local people, phrases, food, music and places are all listed on laminated cards with Zzzz words beneath. Try and describe the Target word, without using any of the words on the card. Website, pictures, two editions, templates, and PDFs all available from www.localkinegames.com. You can also visit the forum to see reviews and get ideas for other games to play using the game cards.

Last week we found a baby bird on the ground, blown out of its nest. I wasn't up to personally trying to feed the baby every few hours as my mom has successfully done, so instead I put it in our spare bird cage with the door open and a few potted plants to break the wind and help it feel more secure. For one whole day, its parents visited and even entered the cage to feed it, but my husband thinks it was seriously injured in the fall and as a result, the parents stopped feeding it after the first day. I found the little bugger make on the second day and disposed of the body before my girls saw its poor little lifeless body. Today we finally figured out what kind of bird it was. As a homeschooling assignment my daughter was to find and identify the bird on the Net. I'm reasonably sure it was a Hawaii Creeper.

Photo credits:
Hawaii Forest and Trail This site has some beautiful, closeup bird pictures.

In Jay Conrad Levinson's updated Guerrilla Marketing, he says an effective business blog has at least 3 postings a week. Jayne has nudged me into renewing my blog's activity by linking to it on her Hawaii WAHM site. Thank you, Jayne!