Wednesday, August 29, 2007

For SALE. $20
I'm a gonna put these up for sale on eBay real soon. Anyone interested? They will be available to the other public maybe next week or end of this week, for same price plus whatever book rate and a shipping package or box will be. I can drop them off at the next Aloha Knitters meeting if anyone wants um. But ya gotta take 'em ALL, cuz I don't wanna take um back home with me.
Funky Knits: Knitting Know-How for hip young things (I am sorry to say this book is too young for me...)
minnies: quickknits for babies and toddlers by Jil Eaton
25-Hour Crochet Projects by Rita Weiss
Crochet: 20 Simple and Stylish Designs to Wear (a Weekend Crafter book) by Jane Davis
Hollywood Knits by Suss Cousins (i really thought I'd make a few things in here but it's not happening). I think this is the same one as the link, just different cover, earlier edition. Mine also has 30 patterns, including the one on the cover at amazon.

If you want these and need them mailed, I would just charge you the book rate plus the shipping materials. email me if interested.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Working on various t-shirt designs. Some clip art, some hand drawn. It's FUN! Still working out how to do the cafepress thing. Neato to actually design your own shirt graphics.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Work hat

And this is how I'm supposed to get all my work done?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'll do the six weird things later. Wanted to share these I found out about on local craigslist. I do not YET move enough product to purchase the minimum (5 rolls of 1000 stickers each), but perhaps other local crafters would like to band together and get some. I am posting the closeup of the stickers here, as sent by Francie, the seller. Here is the original link:

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I have all these great ideas and often when I share them, people look at me like I'm a space creature from the planet Sif. Except for my husband, bless his heart. (mebbe cuz he bounces all his ideas off me too). So I'm just going to start a series of lists that neatly categorize some of these ideas for my type A personality.

Every community fixture should have a way that community members can get to know the employees better while also utilizing available services. For example:
  1. Community Library - have a place that posts a library employee's or a library patron's recommendations and current reading. I want to know what the people who work there are reading!
  2. School library - how about getting various school staff and parents and community leaders to read a favorite book on tape to be lent out, with or without the book it goes with
  3. Police Station - their bulletin board can have a monthly safety tip along with a picture and name of the officer who offered it
  4. Don Quijote has started offering a lot of Mexican food ingredients. I don't know how to cook Mexican food but I'd be willing to try. Why not put take-away recipe cards using some of those ingredients next to this section, or by the entrance along with the weekly specials, or at the customer service counter. Every week or two, a new recipe. Every month feature a different ethnic food group. Or all kinds of recipes featuring kabocha, which would be on sale that week, or bok choy, etc.
  5. Blockbuster - put specific employees picks on display, along with his/her reviews of recent releases
  6. Post Office - is there a way I can find out about my mail carrier (kids? hobbies? how long been one?) and his mailing tip
I suggested the thing about the library recommendations, twice, and both times the response was "well, we have the Hot Picks" which is a list of a few national bestsellers that all the library branches carry. My response to that response: but I want to know what MY library's peoples are reading! That was six months ago, I guess they were not amused.

My kid's school does various fundraisers all year. All year. Mostly selling stuff entirely unconnected to the kids, the community, nothing. It's just stuff. Anyway, I was wondering, why can't fundraisers for kids be stuff or services made or provided by the kids. The kids would learn that their ideas and tangible production have value, as well as a host of other relevant business skills being gained. The other way, they're just learning, maybe, to ask people for money. And their parents are probably doing most of the work, so where's the learning. So what can kids (and teens) make/offer? How about:
  • service coupons (wash car, rake leaves, clean out the garage, walk the dog, read the newspaper to someone with limited vision)
  • handmade wrapping paper
  • take your bottles and cans to the recycle place for a fee
  • organize, copy and bind all your family recipes
  • bookmarks
  • decorated spiral notebooks and composition books
  • shop for a younger student's school supplies
  • design school or community shirts/mugs/towels/etc. and sell on
  • design logo stuff for school clubs other than their own
  • videos of school events
Now how much ownership, pride, and learning would those fundraisers have gained.

Now, do I have to personally offer to coordinate each of my ideas for them to be taken seriously? Put them in writing and submitted to the pertinent place? I may try that. Not the offer to be in charge of each, but the in writing part. I'm good at the in writing part. That would be an awesome experiment. See what kind of response I get. Not like I don't have enough on my plate. I'm supposed to be doing some etsy forum learning as I type.

20 Reasons Why Living in Pearl City Rocks:
  1. larger parking spaces than town
  2. wider roads that are also easier to navigate and change direction on
  3. the library
  4. 2 craft stores
  5. Daiei now Don Quijote
  6. elementary, intermediate and high schools
  7. WalMart
  8. Wendy's
  9. lock Buster
  10. Longs
  11. 3 Zippy's (with fabulous mid-priced sushi at the closest one)
  12. a wholesale fabric store
  13. malasadas
  14. a Thai restaurant
  15. Dave's ice cream parlor
  16. YMCA
  17. free trolley
  18. 2 BordersALL the above lie within 3 square miles of my house!
  19. Moms Club
  20. my kid's school is small
Favorite Ice Cream Flavors:
something with coffee and chocolate
mint chocolate chip
lychee serbet
green tea

Things I like to read about:
good friends
smart, funny women (if they swear, it's a bonus) who get the guy
plot twists

Okay, that's it for now, but these lists will continue!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Yarn Confections 25% off Keiki Lei SALE

Quick! Any keiki lei, 25% off. Just wait for the revised invoice before clicking on the final payment in paypal. I will send a revised one. Just put in the comments to seller portion "yarnpornhawaii" so I know how you heard about the sale.

In other news, I am discovering that I simply need to revamp my typing skills. I haven't taken a typing course in DECADES and am realizing I need to type faster and more accurately. I hate hitting the delete key every time my letters get jumbled.

I am also learning all kinds of little interesting business things. Like, it's important to keep your company's name in the target market's sights, whether by keeping the blog current, or posting new items often, or keeping on top of different crafting and online business sites, being aware of business opportunities. Wow. No wonder it's called WORK! It's fun though, I like having something new to learn about an area I am passionate about all the time. Keeps me going "oh!", "think of that!", "I'll try that!"

Oh well, I'm off to wash off gym sweat and read to sleepy kids.