Thursday, October 18, 2007

I haven’t posted in forever! Busy getting ready for a December craft fair and finishing up putting together my mom’s personalized sight word reading program. Am missing crocheting fun thingies! While waiting for playing bathing kids yesterday, I was able to whip out a giant…um…for want of a better term, heart-shaped butt pad! I was just thinking of making something I could throw on the ground at the park to sit on so the ants don’t bite me, and had tons of this bright, nuclear-colored Lion cotton yarn and Lion cotton ease purple yarn. (It will haunt me forever, there is always more in the closet! I think it’s breeding in there, behind closed doors. I mean, how many giant purple octopi can one person make out of the stuff?!) Yes, that is supposed to be a heart. The original pattern is from the Lion yarn website and I used 8 strands of yarn at once, with an P sized hook. That actually was too small, needed to go bigger. This perfectly fits on my computer chair also, and fits my butt!

Christmas? I haven't even thought about it except to roll my eyes in dread and slight horror. Yes, it's supposed to be a happy time, but the thought of all the presents to make or procure, fills me with a fear and need to scream akin to entering a haunted house. A really scary one!

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Wendi said...

it is so cool!!!!!!!!!