Thursday, March 29, 2007


The gigantigous, humongufying supergallopagus Big Black Socks are almost pau. Just the toes of both to finish. Actually just the toe of one. Will kitchener the first one shut when I am absolutely sure they are both the same length. These are size 15. These may be the last pair of BBS is do. My hands really hurt from knitting them after each session. The foot is knit very snuggly in larger yarn than the cuff for more durable wear.

I saw a picture of a widow sleeping in her sleeping bag next to her husband's flag-covered coffin the night before the funeral. And I just felt so sad for her, for the other families who'd lost people in this war. Knitting these boring socks is also a reminder to me to be thankful for my blessings and that my husband is safer for not being military. We don't think about it that much, but as Americans, we pay a heavy price for our freedoms.

Monday, March 19, 2007

We went hiking recently with the little 'un. We got far enough to see strawberry guavas, icky big snails, and lots of mud. She did great!
This is a good family hike.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Wow, didn't realize I had not blogged in so long! Have been knitting and crocheting away, of course. Just forgot to chronicle it.
A bunch of bookmarks recently put on my etsy site.Here are two. Simple, easy and fun. Was hoping to send one to my Great Bookmark Exchange buddy but I have not hear neither hyde nor hair from her about her preferences. And only 2 more weeks to go before deadline.
I don't starch my bookmarks because I like the soft feel of the cotton and the slightly uneven handmade look. Thus, I choose patterns that will lie as flat as possible.

A medium sized polar bear from pattern mentioned on crochetville. Was going to be a baby gift for a one-year old but thought the octo was a better gift and quickly worked that one up. Gotta use all that stash Lion Brand Cotton Ease!
Pattern: Bear Rug Body by Marylou/Meribears
Yarn: Lion Brand Microspun double stranded, 2 balls for body; stash acrylic sock yarn (Bernat?) for face and claws
Hook: G
Time: 2 days?
Cute. My hubby wants to give it to some hunter guy he knows. I'd think a hunter would want the real thing, but maybe he'll give it to his kid? This might make a good preschool nap matt in a much bigger yarn. Although my kindergartner says "No way! That is just crazy." So...maybe not.
Although this yarn is soft and pretty, it is multiple strands that can be tricky. It just takes one strand pulling out a bit to ruin the effect. And this stuff catches on my dry fingers like crazy. I totally have to lube up to work with it. (that so sounds not right, but you know what i mean)

Pattern: MoMo the Octopus by
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease, 2 skeins; and that same acrylic sock yarn for eyes
Hook: E
Time: 3 days
Another favorite place to BUY patterns from. Her stuff is really cute and very doable for beginner crocheters as well. It's all single crochet! I only make machine washable things for kids and with the little bit of acrylic in this yarn, i love how it works up in amigurumi.

And while crocheting away, i finally got to watch this. I was pleasantly surprised! It is a great romance! Go figure. I had to watch it twice. There is a kiss in there that i just loved. I love passionate kisses like that. It didn't look contrived but you knew it was coming.

Both Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti are exceptional actors. I was surprised by Norton's ability to play a romantic leading man, with a different kind of strength. After M. Night's Lady in the Water, I became a huge Giamatti fan. His warmth and genuineness (? is that even a word?) appeal to me. I like actors that convey plenty while also seeming like the kind of persons I would want to know.

Sorry for the yammering, there's just so much to say! Am also continuing on with my very large, size 15 soldier socks. They look dreadfully huge. Huge, I tell you, HUGE!

Finally, here is the youngest playing with some crocheted puppies and her baby. That's what i like - use! She's actually asked for another baby. My kids don't usually attach to things, I guess because they are so attached to me! So I am very happy to find something they can fuss over instead of needing me so much.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Movie Talk: The Prestige (Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johannsen, and Christian Bale)

You have to watch this movie. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT! It is an uncommonly well done movie. I like the kind of movies that make you think about them after. The kind that make you say. after the fact, "Oh...Oh?...Oh!!! Oh my gosh! OH!" Okay, that sounded kinda kinky, but, you know what I mean. So I'm waiting for the book to come in at the library. I'm sure I am at the end of a very long hold list.

The writing. The plot twists. Acting, of course. All very compelling. Hugh Jackman is a hottie but that Christian Bale did a wonderful job. Although less flashy of an actor, he is nonetheless very Ben Kingsley-ish in that he conveys so much without being a "look-at-me" actor like Tom Cruise. I very much respect Cruise' charisma, but it's just a different kind of thing.

I used to really dislike Bale because of the first movies I saw him in: American Psycho, Captain Corelli's Mandolin. He was a BAD GUY in those, and a really good one too. Thoroughly unlikeable. But since, I've altered my perception. Even Batman Begins didn't entirely win me over. I think it was Equilibrium that did it.

My husband warned me not to be let down when watching The Illusionist in comparison to The Prestige. I said, of course I won't compare the two. It's just another magician movie. Of course, I won't think of the first movie when I watch the second. Of course...not.

Well, I haven't seen The Illusionist yet. Waiting for a day when the small kid actually goes sleep before 10 p.m.! With one teensy weensy nap she can go and go until almost midnight if I don't take steps! Like read a book over and over and over and over again. Reading...slower...each...time...until she passes out, without putting myself to sleep first. It's hard to not pass out first! Cuz if that happens, then the kid just pops up and wanders off, and upon rousing from unconsciousness, I gotta start the whole process over again. Most times I'll just get up and try knit or something, or maybe catch up on saved episodes of The Closer, House, or Monk until she comes back in. I know that makes me a bad parent but I feel like I'm fightn' the tide trying to get that kid to sleep.

So yah, I watch a lot of movies. I knit, don't I? Gotta use something to exercise my eyes and change focal lengths between staring at all those tiny little stitches. It's eye exercise!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

My kid is making her own books! How cool is that!!! She is kind of prolific and intense when she gets into something so she'll get in a mood and them pump one or two illustrated, mini-chapter books out at a time. She tells me how she wants the sentences broken up on the page so that there is enough room for pictures.

I am hoping this dedication to her craft continues in whatever field she chooses so that she will be happy AND successful. Not easy for us crafters.

Of course there is the small problem that having a Chinese, sales guy dad, she picks up on certain cues and attempts to hard sell much of her artwork to anyone in the vicinity: library staff, parents, cousins, uncles, family friends, school friends, you name it. She and her friend actually got in trouble at school for atttempting to sell their crafts. Now, I find something wrong with the school pushing fundraisers and SELLING stuff, but frowning on other types of junior economics that have more meaning to the kids involved. I mean, I understand the thinking, but it still doesn't feel right.

Also, a completed puppy for my hubby. He is an amigurumi fan and actually wants one of everything I make. Where he will put them is beyond me.
Pattern: Little Puppy and His Mommy by
Yarn: Red Heart
Hook: F