Thursday, October 18, 2007

I haven’t posted in forever! Busy getting ready for a December craft fair and finishing up putting together my mom’s personalized sight word reading program. Am missing crocheting fun thingies! While waiting for playing bathing kids yesterday, I was able to whip out a giant…um…for want of a better term, heart-shaped butt pad! I was just thinking of making something I could throw on the ground at the park to sit on so the ants don’t bite me, and had tons of this bright, nuclear-colored Lion cotton yarn and Lion cotton ease purple yarn. (It will haunt me forever, there is always more in the closet! I think it’s breeding in there, behind closed doors. I mean, how many giant purple octopi can one person make out of the stuff?!) Yes, that is supposed to be a heart. The original pattern is from the Lion yarn website and I used 8 strands of yarn at once, with an P sized hook. That actually was too small, needed to go bigger. This perfectly fits on my computer chair also, and fits my butt!

Christmas? I haven't even thought about it except to roll my eyes in dread and slight horror. Yes, it's supposed to be a happy time, but the thought of all the presents to make or procure, fills me with a fear and need to scream akin to entering a haunted house. A really scary one!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I have not posted on etsy in forever. I hate the time it takes to get a good shot and then find out it wasn't a good shot. I need a light box so i can do the deed at night or inside or wherever, when ever. I so sad. :(

Remember reading that the most brilliant artists are I mean, really NUTS! So there's hope for me and big kid yet. We're both freakishly bipolar in temperament. It's a wonder my family manages to breed, I tell you.

Many projects underway but happily willing to put nose and lip and forehead to grindstone to create something that will help someone read better, happier, easier, and affordably decorate others. Ya, ya, two very different things but both are my babies (well one is my mom's baby and i just provide the sweat to produce the final product) and I am very excited to see how these two businesses will do in the long term.

Photos to follow, when I can manage to Take Decent Pictures!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

photo by Eduardo Amorin

Doing that web surfing thing again. I keep getting side-tracked. Supposed to be finding creative commons images that can be used in the reading books my mom puts together and saw this amazing image. There's another one that looks like a Spanish rodeo shot. Very, very breathtaking shot. My daughter used it for a get-well card for her best friend's little brother. Which made me think that if two good friends have a row, maybe they could send nice cards saying how much they care about each with a cute or funny photo printed on the front, via snail mail.

Monday, October 08, 2007


I had one of these


one of these


Now, I am not on a diet, mind you, but a healthy food plan. That means, lots, and lots, and lots of vegetables. Boy, eating lots of vegees is WORK! You gotta wash um and cook, steam, peel, chop, or otherwise prepare them. Not like fruits or bread that you just aquire and stuff in your face.

The pooch is not from...well, i dunno what i thought it was from. But I have recently realized that it is a result of lax upper abdominal muscles. Ones you can make good with angled sit-ups. Cuz I know regular sit-ups don't do much for that poochy thing that sits right below your navel and just stares at you, begging for attentions, a name, squishige. My pooch reappears if I stay away from the gym and the slanted sit-up thingy for more than a few days. And the fat rolls. They like to reappear for extended visits if lots of vegees are not consumed, along with the regular cardio sweat fest.