Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wow, I can't believe it's been TWO WEEKS since I last posted! I guess I've been busy with Chinese New Year preparations and trying to do something clever for Valentines' Day as well. The major project I've just completed is bookmarks for the local library staff and volunteers. We didn't give them anything for Christmas or New Year's and I really wanted to show our appreciation. Have also been wanting to use these materials in something simple and striking.

size 10 crochet cotton for most, leftover sock yarn too
size 8/0 beads for fish eyes and bookmark tails
size 11/0 beads in the hearts
size 1.3 mm steel hook
various patterns, both paid and free online

I like this two strand bookmarks tail as it leaves less of an indent in the book, compared to the more elaborate knit bookmarks I usually see. Also, it nicely shows off the variegated colors. Now, I could have blocked and starched the motifs to lay perfectly flat, but I found that I liked the homemade look and feel of a slightly curled motif. These are very simple, wonderful gift ideas for your favorite word-pushers and users!

Also, I've been spending far too much time looking at all the wonderful things there are to see online! I'm on a yarn diet so I have resolved to not even purchase another skein of acrylic until I finish these giant Big Black Socks I've committed to. I decided to cast on 80 stitches in fingering weight on size 1 needles, with a 15" all-ribbed cuff for some lucky size 15 foot soldier over thar.

So no new yarn since...January?

A knit charity organizer recently commented on how disappointed she was in the knitters who had signed up to knit for her organization but then had continued to work on other things and not complete the items to be donated, talking about these other things on their various knit-alongs. She actually scolded them for wanting to knit other things.

Now, I've made several things for this organization and I believe in its mission. I also commend the amazing commitment this person has made to making this thing happen. It is no easy thing. But, when knitting is no longer fun, and becomes an obligation, a duty, a job, then, why knit. Why make those thousands of stitches if IT IS NOT FUN. I've broken up my charity knitting thing with various other very fun things. And, yes, it has caused the thing to take longer than it otherwise may, but, it's my time, and my energy. And I don't want to resent the thing or any person for the handwork that goes into creating an item of love and dedication. That would be counter to its purpose. I do not want to feel like it's a monkey on my back.

So I will continue to occasionally throw in a fun, quick thing while continuing to toil on the charity objects I have committed to. But I do not think anyone has the right to direct or guilt knitter time. It is precious and priceless.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Taking a break from endless rows of tiny, black sock ribbing on size 1 needles, I knit this:
Yes, it's a pie. Needed something completely frivolous.
Pattern: Dad's Blueberry Pie by Jennifer Tallapaneni
Yarn: Red Heart
Needles: size 6
I was supposed to use size 8 needles on the top crust but missed that part when I was going over the directions. I've been wanting to make this thing forever, but couldn't find the occasion. Then my kids were driving me crazy yesterday so I decided to finish it up instead of yell any more at thems.

This thing was so fun, I wanna make all kinds of colors now!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pie, Bacteria, Baby, and Kid
I feel like I'm always trying to post this as fast as I can before am needeed by a kid.

The soldier socks are taking forever because I'm using only size 1 needle and cast on 80 stitches! There's a reason knitters don't make big people socks all the time! I just thought some big guy could use a pair of big black handknit socks from the states. I am seriously wondering if I can pump out two pairs of these puppies. Maybe I'll change the ribbing to make it novel the next time around.

I have joined a real live, VINTAGE, stitch n bitch!!! This group has been meeting for 20 years! They are listed in the Department of Parks and Recreation adult classes in my area. Currently they meet at the community center every week! I am so thrilled! I think I probably knit the most far-out stuff: creatures and such. Not sure they had knit socks before but they are fun to hang with. (My kids are screaming at the top of their lungs right now but they ain't bothering me so I'ma happy!)

Had to knit a last-minute gift for a two-year old and this is what came out of my yarnage:I'm thinking of naming it after the Staph bacteria I recently read about that is penicilin resistent, can cross the skin barrier, and can lead to a flesh-eating bacerial infecton. If that doesn't freak you out, I don't know what will. This critter is bigger than the other bacterias because it was for a younger person than the other recipients. I used Caron Softee Chunky and size 4 dpns. The little leggies are in double stranded Caron Simply Soft on same dpns.Before working on the bacteria, I tried making this blueberry pie slice. But it was taking too long so I stopped to whip up the bacteria. After, I finished the filling. Now to do the crusts. I have wanted to make this thing for a while, but what r ya gonna do with a fake slice of pie?! It sure is more fun than that black sock ribbing, I tell ya.
And this is my youngest's newest baby. She doesn't want the hat that goes with it but will settle for a diaper. I'd like to modify the velcro attachments to buttonholes for faster finishing. The baby is adorable, smaller than its older sister made for the older sister. I think she needs a piko (belly button in hawaiian). This is the third baby I've made. They are fun and fast.
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft, but with Lisa Souza deep purple sock yarn for eyes
Pattern: Oli's Baby by
Hook: F

And last but certainly not least, this is why I stay home:Just think, I'd miss this stuff if I worked outside the home. In a SANE environment.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Soldier Socks!
I recently started knitting big black soldier socks for socks for soldiers. The organization run by Kim Opperman sends handknit socks to soldiers oversees. Button on my sidebar. She wants mostly black socks the soldiers can wear under their boots, but colored leisure socks are accepted as well. So this is my third pair of BBS (big blac socks). First time with Knit Picks Essential and Swish for the thicker foot.

Yesterday my kid actually sat in a box and sang her heart out. I have video. It was so cute. Very few video of the second kiddo, mostly of first. Taking her to nap now. Hopefully. Then to pick up older one from school. It's raining so i can't kick the kids outside and tell them "go play!" Since the bigger one is into art, watching less tv, thankfully. Little one, however, started asking for the boob tube more often, what with the rain.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I decided to knit two more soldier socks for Socks for Soldiers. Just received the yarn. It's from Knit Picks. And I won neon colored double pointed needles for living in Hawaii! Woohoo! Waiting on them to start the socks. Will be making combination or hybrid socks - the foot is thicker, in sport weight, and the cuff is thinner in sock weight yarn.

The other pic if of a sunshine bookmark with dragonfly end. Sun pattern from 300 Crochet Stitches, the motif section in the back. I like the motifs are more interesting to me.